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Ditch WordPress and Switch To Yii2 For Speed

By now you know that speed kills. Or rather the lack of speed on your website kills your business.


Search Ranking Suffer

Google hates slow sites. If your website is slow, it’s probably going to rank very poorly in search, meaning customers will not find you on the search.

Why wordpress is so slow…

WordPress is huge. It is an 800 pound Gorilla. Some config databases of wordpress have over 20,000 rows of options. Plugin after plugin. Some of these plugins may not have been built efficiently. The developer of one plugin does not know that you are using another plugin that might conflict. As a result, your site moves like a rusty wheel.


Customers Click Away

Ever been to a slow website? Frustrating right? Your customers are leaving for each painful second they are waiting.

Staff hate to work with it. You might have a content manager who updates regularly on your website. He’s feeling the pain of updating ever so slowly.


Losing The Mobile Game

If you think web customers are going to be frustrated, imagine those accessing your website on mobile. More people surf the web while in transit then on the desktop.In 10 seconds, these customers could be gone. Yes there are several plugins to help the problem. But throwing more plugins to solve a plugin problem?


Switch to Yii2 Easyii

We still like WordPress, but we decided to come up with a better solution. Easyii-plus. Powered by the Yii2 Framework. Yii2 is fast and efficient. Best part is that it does not load tons of plugins to do the job. There’s a lot of magic under the hood, such as database access which is often the bottleneck of applications.