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How To Sell Online: What To Look Out For Launching Your Ecommerce System

You’ve heard about Ecommerce –  how millions of people have stopped going to shopping malls and are now using their fingers to do the walking. As a business owner, you have decided to embrace the change by setting up your own online store. But what are the things to look out for?


It Pays To Get It Right

An online shop is not like a static website. Once setup, you have to invest countless hours setting up tax, delivery chargers, a mountain of product pictures and many different SKU’s. Its extremely expensive to switch or change. The worst feeling is when something is setup wrongly and you have to start again from the beginning. So it makes sense to get it right the first time.


The Price Is Not Always What It Costs

You should think twice about anything that is free or very low cost. What seems free at first might end up costing more in lost time and problems. I’ve seen may business owners selecting the cheapest option only to have a store that does not work and ends up wasting time and effort. Server resources that are slow to the point where users simply become frustrated and leave. Learn to outsource expertise. If you do not know something, find someone who does.

SEO And Digital Marketing Is Not Gold

Many years ago, like five, all you had to do was setup a website and do some Adwords and the traffic would start streaming in. Not anymore. In fact, with so many businesses getting online, it is now extremely difficult to get a good ranking. Do not rely on search traffic. Instead focus on customer experience and tapping your existing customer base. There are professional firms that try to ‘game’ the system and Google knows this. There’s a constant war between digital marketers and search engines. Ultimately, Google wants to give the user the best answer while advertises want to give the user their answer. Specific and well placed advertising and SEO will help, but use it carefully.