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Paperless Idiots Guide To Node.JS

August 16, 2016 Coding 0 comments

What’s the Big JS About Node.JS

This is the first post on the new series of Idiots Guide to Coding. The reason is that all the tutorials out there are written by coders for coders, so it is really hard to begin understanding what exactly they are all talking about.

So I decided to write this guide for anyone who just wants to go from 0 to 1 on anything that I have learnt. IE. The Idiots Guide.



What Is Node.JS?

Very Simple. Node.JS lets you write Javascript to program the server. Period!

A… Say What?

Let’s make it simple. Let’s imagine a restaurant. In the old days of programming, there was the Server and the Client language. Sort of like a cook and a waiter.


The (Server) Cook’s Name was PHP (or JSP etc etc) and the (Client) Waiter’s name was Javascript.

Cook did not appear to customers and Waiter never went to the Kitchen. In fact, Waiter was banned from the Kitchen.


What Happened?

Some geniuses over at Google decide, ‘what if the waiter could go into the kitchen?’ and developed the Chrome V8 engine. So now Waiters can do the big stuff like play with the stove (access the database) and you only need a waiter to both cook and present things to the customer.

Javascript programmers love it because now they too can go into the Kitchen. You only need to know one language to do both.

The cooks… well they’re not so happy about it.

But Is It All That Great?

There’s a lot of debate of whether your cook should be going into the Kitchen. There’s also some question whether there’s any benefit after all a Cook has certain skills that may not be easily replaced by a Waiter. After all the Cook has been doing it longer than the waiter.

For the current Server-Client style, it faces tough competition. How I see it is Node.js is excellent for mobile apps

The Kitchen (remote mobile device) is small, so a bulky cook may not be the best person. Node.js can interact with Cordova and create a hybrid app. But that is another story for another time.