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PHP Yii Development Technical Specifications

Yii and Yii2 Framework Technical Specifications

Technical Benefits of Yii2yii-framework

It’s not just the end, but getting there that makes the difference. A good development experience could impact performance, development costs and stability.


1.  Bootstrap comes loaded
Twitter Bootstrap CSS Frontend Framework comes built in and loaded.

2. Form Validation
Yii handles a model level form validation both of the Frontend site (through Jquery) and on the Backend through the model validation.

3. Router
Yii automatically handles routing through the controller while other framework requires the routers to be defined.

Huge point. Yii2 and Yii come packaged with the Gii CRUD generator, cutting development time for the MVC structure.

5. Documentation
Hands down Yii2 has the better documentation that is clear and concise.

6. Templating
Lavarel uses blade while Yii2 stays traditional with PHP echos