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We maintain and manage our own VPS (Virtual Private Server) and we insist that all installations are carried on our server.

Every server is different. When you’re running important software, having the correct configuration can save hours in setup time and reliability.


What are the benefits

VPS allow us to run resource intensive programs and delivery higher performance websites. We can also manage email integrity better (spam blocked).  Learn more about why we use VPS



Delivery Performance

Your business needs a business server. Don’t compromise



What Packages Do we Provide


Web Traffic

Great For

Server Space
Service Type

Basic Business

Easy Start

First Time

1 GB
1 TB
Full Managed
48 hours

Basic Business +

More Space

Bigger Websites

2 GB
1.5 TB
Fully Managed
24 Hours
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Why is the disk space so limited compared to other hosting?

VPS means that we fully control a server and its resources. This is a higher quality storage and is more expensive due to the high load reliability factors.

My current host host gives me unlimited space, why is Wesvault better?

You’re probably on shared hosting, which is the equivalent to living a block of apartments. The host has to sell many websites to pay for the cost of server. Some of these sites could be running malicious or be easily hacked, thereby compromising the entire block. Furthermore to prevent misuse, the host limits each site technically. A VPS is equal to living in a semi-d, we control virtually everything. We only install solutions on our own package.

My email is limited with only, what can I do?

If your current VPS storage is too small you can do 2 things.

1) You can request and purchase more disk space. Talk to your consultant.

2) We can setup Fastmail for you.
After trying many providers, Wesvault is a reseller for Fastmail. Why? Fastmail is entirely focused on email, so their software, anti-spam and features are much specialized. Being solely focused they are also able to offer you email space at a fraction of what we can provide it at. Lastly, its fast and better than Gmail.

Other providers also charge for personalized email addresses and Gmail currently collect customer data on their email service. A FastMail business account does non of this. We highly recommend clients who have essential email requirements to switch to Fastmail.