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Perth W Australia

Wesvault Partners 3% Event

Join the 3%

Work full time on your job. Work part time on your fortune.


Our New Office

Chef Hisham

Wesvault Client , run by master chef Hisham will be providing bento Dinner for our partners. Please rsvp and let us know
if its the chicken , the fish or the veg.

Friday 2nd Feb 2018

Wesvault Office
Level 2, 331 North Bridge Road


– Learn how to make profits through Wesvault referral marketing … and join the 3%.

– Learn how to earn profits not a wage

– Do it part time, not how long you work but how you work

– Understand how referral marketing works and how to apply it to Wesvault b2b

– Diversify your income, not just from your job for when the ### happens.



We know the song. Life is not getting any cheaper. That’s why you’re queing up. Counting pennies.
We can’t take the risk starting a business, we can’t inherit a big company and we don’t have the money to invest.

What Are You Going To Do About It?

That’s where the magic of part time comes in.
As Jim Rohn says, “work full time on your job. work part time on your fortune”
It’s called Affiliate marketing. Join the 3% with a invite only partner event. I invite you to 5 minutes to find out what this all is about.

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