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Yii2 Framework – Why Use It For Web Development?



Long Live Yii2

There’s been all sorts of talk about other competing Frameworks or development styles in PHP and I’ll just like to set the record straight. I love Yii2 (Yii all).


1. It’s Fast

As a developer, I want my visitors to spend as little time as possible waiting. Yii2 is lightning quick without the heavy plugins. This is important for focus speed and a major reason why you should move away from bulky CMS like WordPress or Drupal if you are focusing on the application itself.

2. Extremely Fast Development

Gone are the days of looking for packages to plug into your application. I like PHP for its immediate launch, but for web development, you need a lot more. That’s where Yii2 comes it. It has a the handy GII that allows me to setup CRUD applications on the backend. User Auth and finally the views that just pop into place. Bootstrap CSS comes preloaded, so you can start focusing on functionality rather than design. Bottom line, what used to take weeks now takes days.

3. Best Practices

We always want to code in a way that is efficient and easy. Learning Yii framework forces me to adopt best practices in coding that otherwise I was sloppy about. Often I would find a way that Yii did something and go, wow that’s a really good way to do it, I’ll adopt it elsewhere.

4. MVC Structure

If you have ever worked with a team of programmers, this is extremely important. Especially here in Singapore, you might be tapping development help from overseas. You want software that scales, gets bigger and stays organized. For small to medium sized projects Yii2 is prefect without massive documentation internally before the project gets out of hand. Certainly no hair pulling if two years down the road you start opening it up and the structure is still sane.