WordPress Formatting Issues

Apr 19, 2023

WordPress Formatting Issues

While many WordPress users write their content directly into the standard post, others prefer to use a text editor such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Hemingway. However, when pasting content from these tools into WordPress, formatting issues can arise.

These issues can include rogue code or extra spacing between characters, and can be influenced by the WordPress theme, post format, or page template.

Inconsistent Font Type And Size

Inconsistent font type size and invisible breaks are common formatting issues that can occur in WordPress. Inconsistent font type size can happen when different fonts are used in the same document, causing the text to appear uneven and unprofessional.

Invisible Breaks

Invisible breaks can occur when copying and pasting text from a word processor or when using the Visual editor in WordPress. This can cause the text to appear as one long paragraph, making it difficult to read. To fix this issue, users can add paragraph breaks manually by pressing the Enter key after each paragraph. They can also use the Text editor in WordPress to add paragraph breaks and ensure that the text is properly formatted.

Overall, inconsistent font type size and invisible breaks can make a website look unprofessional and difficult to read. By following the steps outlined above, users can fix these formatting issues and ensure that their website looks polished and well-designed.

Invisible CSS Span

When copying a CSS span, it is important to consider any styling that may be applied to the span. When pasting the span, it may include any CSS styles that were applied to the original span, which can cause formatting issues on the new page.

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