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Privacy & Encryption

Self Hosted Server

WV.Meet is hosted on its own VPS instance. The central exchange is always the weakest link in the chain. Manage how data is collected and who has access to it. Choose the location of your server that fits your privacy requirements like GDPR or any government requirement.


All communication between the client and server is encrypted.

When there are just 2 participants in a call, Jitsi uses end-to-end encryption.

For meetings with more than two people, Jitsi uses hop-by-hop encryption. This means that anything that you send traveling to the server is encrypted, then decrypted on the server, re-encrypted and sent to everyone who is meant to receive it. The only people being able to eavesdrop are the ones maintaining the server. That is why hosting your own server is the best option.

Privacy Standards

WV.Meet is built on-top of Jitsi, the lead open-source software that Tor endorses. It is regularly maintained and used by millions of users worldwide.

Reduced Digital Footprints

Many people use the same password for different applications and this creates a problem.

WV.Meet takes privacy seriously and has no persistant storage of email address, passwords and biodata. All information is constantly wiped regularly.

2FA Authentication

WV.Meet uses 2FA authentication instead of storing biodata.

No Downloads

WV.Meet uses WebRTC protocol for both the host and the participant, so there is no downloading of software. Software that is downloaded may still be transmitting in the background.

No Bundling

Many companies' services require usage of other software in 'bundles'. While the primary application may not be collecting information, the bundles such as word processors, cloud storage and task management will most certainly be.


Full Vanity URLs "meet.yourdomain.com"

Enjoy full vanity urls without any other brand.

Avoid plishing attacks or Phishing/Spoofing by having your brand in the url, home page and the background image. This reduces the risk of third parties impersonating your company.

Full Splash Screen

Other software provides force you to market their brand. Make use of our full screen splash backgrounds to communicate your message and brand. Showcase events, new products and service messages.