WV.Meet is the best alternative to Zoom.
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Self Host Server Privacy

The central exchange is always the weakest link in the privacy chain. Control your own server and choose the location of your server that fits your privacy requirements like GDPR.

Custom Branding

Enjoy full vanity urls ('meet.yourbrand.com'). Avoid Phishing/Spoofing and promote your brand by having your brand in the url, home splash page and the background image.

Unlimited Rooms, Unlimited users

Setup your entire company with one account. Manage as many rooms as you want. Avoid paying for accounts when employees leave.

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4.6 / 5    (13 reviews)   - g2.com reviews

"Simply the best of its kind! Rapid and effective communication without Complication!" What do you like best? This tool is my daily use in my work, just the best, you do not even need to sign in to any service to start communicating quickly, you can invite other people to the conversation by just sharing the URL of the room, which is a "PrettyURL" although it also gives you the option of adding a password to your room for added security.