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Branded Personal Landing Pages

For Real Estate Agents

With AI content and District Focus

  • Get a personalized url "www.keithlam.property"
  • Have AI generated articles focusing only on Your NICHE district
  • Power Share your articles with Whatsapp, with full URLs and Images
  • Show latest transaction of your NICHE district
  • 100% focused on your own personal brand and personality.

How your custom Whatsapp URL share will look.

Power Whatsapp
  • Power share on whatsapp with an image and your URL.
  • www.melvinlam-d10.expert/something-important-about-your-district
  • Keep fresh in their mind as the expert of a district. Show content that matters to your clients.
  • Be the first agent on their mind when they finally need it.

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Brand Landing Page with Power Whatsapp. Get More Listings.