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Singapore Agents DO NOT Brand and Follow Up

That is why leads do not return your calls and complain about high commissions

  • Singapore agents use generic sites like Property Guru, Facebook and Instragram.
  • Guess who else is on there? 20,000 other agents all doing the same thing
  • Send generic me too content that does not brand
  • Not focusing to become the expert of a Niche District
I want to fix this!
Graham Stephen Follow Up
Graham Stephen says you must follow up as a real estate agent

We'll build a District Focus Brand Landing Page for you

  • Have a powerful branded domain like www.melvinlam-d10.guru, www.melvinlam-d10.expert
  • Have it stacked with our AI generated articles focusing only on Your NICHE district and a handy latest transaction of your NICHE district
  • When clients research you, they'll see you and only you. No more me-too agents.
The Brand Landing Page

How your custom Whatsapp URL share will look.

Share with clients to follow up. Linking back to your own District Brand District landing page. Imagine your domain here. www.melvinlam-d10.expert/something-important-about-your-district

Keep fresh in their mind as the expert of a district. Show them content that matter to THEM. Not you.

When they finally need you. Who do you think they will remember? Me too or you?

Power Whatsapp

For $50 a month, you'll have a 24/7 branding machine that elevates you from just another agent to a branded district niche expert.

You'll be able to send New Years whatsapp posts that actually link back to you own branded site and show your prospect how focused you are on their district.

Power Whatsapp. Brand Landing Page. More Listings.