How to Deal with Job Rejection with Big IT Companies (Including Google)

Nov 09, 2020

I came across a LinkedIn post by a female software developer. The post tells how she was rejected by Google after spending two years on their cloud project as well as some sort of on-site project. That’s just because of her health condition. She ended up with sheer frustration and the pain of rejection as reflected in her post.

Well, this feeling is common in this highly competitive software business which is only meant for capable candidates.

Here I would like to discuss why it happens and how to overcome the feeling of being rejected by big IT companies including Google or FANG.

Understand that it is Not Easy to Get a Job at FANG:

Getting a job at Google or anyone from FANG is not easy.

Thanks to their preference to exceptionally talented candidates, quality standards and the high number of application they receive per year. Many developers apply there. But they are likely to work only with the outstanding talents to maintain their prestige and the worth of big payments. Making bad hires can affect their productivity and cost them a lot of money. So their HR departments are likely to be overly conscious with every hire they make. The same thing can be true to some extent with other big IT companies.

Follow Your Passion:

Sometimes, it is not easy to overcome self-doubt or imposter syndrome even if you get hired by Google or any big IT company. If you have a nagging problem and if you feel that you're not worthy you get in, that's not the end of the story. Your self-doubt can continue to undermine your sense of achievement.

"picture of computer"

Top of that, there are senior engineers as well as some peers who might not leave any stone unturned to belittle you, hurting your confidence. They might even make you feel that you are not worthy to be here. This way, it is quite challenging to validate you as a professional over there. That’s why you need to look inside and ask yourself why you are applying over there. Don’t bother about others. Put your effort and your passion into the world that you're actually doing. This can lead to the best amount of self-satisfaction. That’s why I actually left and started my own consulting business to help others.

Keep in mind that nothing is more self-validating than if you appreciate your work. You might not get that sense of achievement if you having coffee every day at Google no matter how talented programmer are you.

Look for Another Company that is the Right Fit for You:

There is no need to go for FANG or other big IT companies. Working with good companies can hone your skills as well as ensures your self-satisfaction.

These are the companies where your skills are appreciated.

For example, Dropbox is an ideal company to work with.

But that doesn’t mean you work for a bankrupt company begging you to work with them.

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