Craft CMS Needs and Pricing


My Needs

Starter Business Professional
Usage Show Information Build A Brand. Showcase Portfolio (1) SEO + Awareness
(2) Branding / Portfolio (3) Generate Leads
Marketing Strategy None.
Site is not for marketing
Some link placements and occasional articles / PR when I have time. Aggressively spending on content, SEM and advertising
Content Small. Less than 5 pages. Never changers Moderate. About 25 pages.
Frequently updated
Extensive. Guides, product lists, directories, tutorials, news. Extensive amount of content and graphics
Very regularly updated
User Engagement Text Design and Visual
Graphics / Images / Video
Forms, Calculators, dynamic tables and info-graphics
SEO Does not matter. Only found through link Within the first 2 pages in non-competitive industry First 5 on the first page in competitive industry
Only founder Dedicated marketing manager A marketing team uses it

Packages and Pricing

Plan Starter Business Enterprise
Design Bootstrap 4 Templates from UI Template Samples 3 Templates as a base
- customized by UI Designer
- Prototype with Figma
Brand Named Designer
eg Alexa Von Charles
User Content Management No Backend access.
No Self management
Yes, Craft CMS Backend with User Training.
Craft CMS data "buckets"
Multi User Craft CMS License
Support No Dedicated Developer Dedicated Project Developer
Quarterly Sprints
Next Gen
Webp Image Compression
Powered by Craft CMS Next Gen Webp and resize transformations for 20x image sizing
Ecommerce / Site buying None
Stripe Payment
~ $200
Pages Less Than 5
1 content block
Less than 20
5 content blocks
Biz Features
Less than 100
Matrix Content Blocks
SEO Matic
Filter Tables + JS Widgets
Pricing $1,999
hosting $20 /month
VPS Level (SG)
hosting $35 /month
VPS Level (SG)
$15,000 - $30,000
Design $7.5k ~ $15K
Software $10k - $15K
Hosting/Support $150+ /month


Plan Starter Business Enterprise
Google Forms NA $150