Top 5 Reasons to Choose Yii as a Framework

Feb 22, 2020

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Yii as a Framework:

1) Highly Extensible:

Using Yii framework all components are visually highly extensible, and they are customizable enough to suit the needs of the user.

2) Easy to Install:

Time is extremely precious for all the web developers, and no one wants to spend that important time waiting for complicated installations and configurations. It is an easy to install framework without more hassle and troubles

3) Rapid Development:

Yii generates all the basic CRUD operations through GII. It not only help us in developing the application faster but also it maintains the application design of the application as recommended by Yii.

4) Easy Data Migration:

Using Yii easy data migration utility provides reasonable control over the database changes, which helps in upgrading and downgrading application version on different installations.

5) Utilizing Modern Technologies:

Yii2 framework takes advantage of some of the more advanced features of PHP, which includes namespaces, SPL classes and interfaces, late static binding, and anonymous functions and many more.

Posted in Yii Framework on Feb 22, 2020

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